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Some say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s exactly how we want our team to feel at Spader Freight. Our employees are valued, trusted, and a part of a true work family.

Student 12 week driver training
Guaranteed Minimum
0 – 3 Months $ .40 per mile or min $600.00
4 – 6 Months $ .43 per mile or min $645.00
7 – 9 Months $ .47 per mile or min $705.00
10 – 12 Months $ .49 per mile or min $735.00
These guaranteed minimums are given if less than 1500 Miles for week during training.
A minimum of 5 days per week must be worked to receive guarantee.
After 1 year you will start at $ .51 per mile or at the current 1 year rate.
Tuition reimbursement
The student will need to provide a copy of the invoice for the training school. The student driver will be reimbursed $200.00 per month provided the student is still employed. The maximum for tuition reimbursement will be $6,000.00. Must be employed at the end of month to receive tuition reimbursement.

EMAIL: Please email your resume to to see if you would make a good fit.

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