What is your operating area?

Our in-house fleet services a 300-mile radius around Clyde, Ohio, and our brokerage division covers the lower 48 states.

How much driving experience is required to be a driver for Spader Freight?

We require a minimum of 1 year of commercial driving experience operating tractor trailer combination equipment.

Do your drivers have assigned trucks?

Our regional drivers have assigned trucks and local drivers slip seat with other drivers.

What benefits do you offer your employees?

All full-time employees are eligible for insurance (medical, dental, vision, life), 401k (company matches 25% up to 4% of your pay), paid holidays and paid vacations.

Is there a repair shop on site?

Yes, Clyde Truck and Trailer Repair is owned by the same company and services all our equipment.

What's the benefit of having an on-site truck repair shop?

We maintain trucks and trailers for owner-operators on our team and otherwise, so if you’re in the area and need a repair ASAP, just give us a call at 567-855-0130.

Do you provide warehouse services?

Yes, we offer over 525,000 square feet of warehousing space between our buildings in Clyde and Tiffin, Ohio.

What type of trucks make up your fleet?

53-foot dry vans for food grade and general commodity shipping.

Why do you only use dry vans?

Dry vans are the most common type of freight transportation because of their versatility for local and over-the-road routes. Plus, dry vans can ship a large amount of freight at one time.

Why are the trucks in your fleet the same size?

We feel that dry vans are the best way to transport freight because loading docks accommodate their size and shape perfectly. 53 feet is the maximum length allowed.

How much can a dry van haul?

Our 53-foot dry vans can haul up to 45,000 pounds of cargo or 24 standard pallets.

What types of products do you deliver?

Our dry van trailers carry products that aren’t temperature sensitive, like non-perishable foods in cans or boxes, paper products, clothing, plastic items, and building materials.

What types of industries use dry vans shipping?

We ship items from industries including manufacturing, automotive, consumer goods, health and beauty, cleaning products and non-perishable food.

What makes working with Spader Freight different from other trucking companies?

We value our employees and treat each other like family. When you work with us, you’re not just a number, you’re a valued member of the team.

What type of routes do you run?

Spader Freight makes it easy to pick the truck driving job that fits your needs because we run regionally, nationally and locally.

Why use a freight broker?

If you need to ship products outside of our operating area, we can negotiate contracts with qualified trucking companies in the locations you need.

What is a contract carrier?

Spader Freight has a large customer base of regular, contract shipments to and from the same locations. Drivers prefer these routes because they become familiar with the products and the customer.

What type of warehouse jobs do you offer?

Our warehouse acts as a distribution center where we pack, store and rework freight. For example, when a full trailer load comes in, we divide up the products into several different trailers going to various locations.

Do you haul full truck loads (FTL) and less-than truck loads (LTL)?

Spader Freight only hauls full truck loads (FTL).

What is trucking logistics?

When shipping freight, there’s a lot more involved than just loading trucks and sending them on their way. Spader Freight provides the logistics needed to research and plan the best routes for max efficiency, and hiring the best truck drivers.

Why is it important to hire good truck drivers?

Hiring good truck drivers is a key factor in the freight transportation industry. A good driver gets shipments to their destination on time, always acts professionally, takes care of the truck and freight, and drives in a manner that minimizes fuel consumption.

How can I find the current job openings at Spader Freight?

At Spader Freight, we respect our associates and appreciate their work with clients, warehouses, loading docks and delivery personnel. Look for current job openings and apply online via our website, or email your resume to recruiting@spaderfreight.com.


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